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HIPAA 2019 Training Course

This course will cover the basic HIPAA rules for the use, transmission, security and privacy of healthcare data.

Note: This information is not legal advice. This information provided comes directly from the Health & Human Services who enforce and educate on HIPAA. The Office for Civil Rights is an agency within the HHS Department that enforces HIPAA. HIPAA can also be enforced by your State Attorney General.

HIPAA is all about protecting patient privacy. Use the guidelines within this course to help your organization protect patient information.

Course Outline

Section 1: What is HIPAA?

Section 2: What are the 5 Main Components of HIPAA?

Section 3: What information is protected under HIPAA?

Section 4: What is the Privacy Rule?

Section 5: What is the Minimum Necessary Rule?

Section 6: What rights do patients have under HIPAA?

Section 7: More on patient safety

Section 8: Emergency situations and law enforcement

Section 9: What is the Security Rule?

Section 10: What are Limited Data Sets?

Section 11: What are Cyber Security Requirements?

Section 12: HIPAA enforcement and audits

Section 13: What is a breach?

Section 14: How does HIPAA affect marketing?

Section 15: Managing and resolving HIPAA complaints

Section 16: What documentation is required under HIPAA?

Section 17: Cloud computing and Social Media


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